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Evangelism Brunch at Burlington URC

we will be doing a little more thinking and praying about evangelism this coming Sunday morning at 10:00…so bring some breakfast to share and come out for an hour or so – just let me know you are coming so I know how many people to expect…

thanks much – PS

Thursday Night Bible Study!

Come out to our church’s Bible Study this evening beginning at 7:30.  We had a great beginning last week and would love to see you out.  We don’t have much of a schedule yet in terms of  bringing snacks, so if you have something in your cupboard, best policy is just to bring it 🙂  Let’s grow together in grace!

Proposed URC Hymnal #2

Here is another question that our Songbook committee has addressed:

“We notice that the HP has changed some of the notes and the keys in which some
hymns are written in the blue Psalter Hymnal (bPH). Why is that?

In many instances, we believe the bPH sets hymns at an unnecessarily high key. We know
of many organists and other musicians who typically lower the key when they are
playing the hymn in a worship service. So we have adjusted many songs to a lower
key. Our preference is that the notes of a hymn would go no higher than a high D
and no lower than the A below middle C.

In other cases, we are recommending the traditional melody of a classic hymn, but with a more
interesting musical notation. Some of this enhanced music we are borrowing from
the grey-covered Psalter Hymnal and we will seek their permission for use in our
new songbook. See, for example, “Come, All You People, Praise Our God” (HP #5)
and “Comfort, Comfort Now My People” (HP #109; note that this musical rendition
is actually closer to the original version, written in 1551). ”


Do you agree? I have often found it to be the case that certain songs in the bPH have keys that are definitely too high. It becomes apparent in the singing of a number of stanzas that, not only men like myself with low voices, but the congregation as a whole, is having difficulty handling the key. “I Will Sing of My Redeemer”(HP #92) is one of those songs that has a new tune (and a good one IMO). “Am I a Soldier of the Cross” (HP 214) gets a new key which brings it into a more singable zone.

Leadership Class at BURC – Tuesday, 7:00 pm

If you, or someone you know, is planning to attend our class tomorrow night, recall that we will be working on Case Number 6 together!

Youth Group Tonight!

Youth Retreat!

i wish i could say it was an exciting time, but the kids were just so serious the entire weekend…

there were moments when they would erupt into furious and violent action which left only devastation in its wake…

but it would soon be replaced with scenes like this…

how to explain such behavior…so serious one moment…then some crazy enough to pull stunts like this at 7:00 am…

you could say that it takes people who know they are “hidden in Christ” to be able to have so much fun and yet feel serious about our walk with Him…

it was a great weekend…may the Lord use it in our lives…i’ll let luke have the last word…

How would you describe our church?

if you were to write a little “advertising” piece to grab attention, how would you describe the burlington urc (or any urc church)?  here are some snippets from other churches in our community (you’ll have to guess which ones they are from!)

“Our goal is to present timeless truths in a timely fashion. Our music – led by a full band – is lively, current, and worshipful. The teachings speak to us right where we live, revealing the eternal wisdom of the Bible in a format that’s easy
to understand and relate to our own situations.  You’ll find we have no esoteric formalities to follow, no
liturgical vocabulary to memorize, and no spiritual jargon to decipher.”

“At…you’ll find a refreshing blend of relevant teaching, contemporary worship, and casual atmosphere. Add to that a growing group of loving people and you’re going to like what you find. We especially welcome people who have given up on church in the past but are interested in giving a relationship with God another try.”

“We are a people Invited, Encouraged, and Sent.  Invited into deep relationship with God and others, encouraged through fellowship and the study of God’s Word, and sent into the community and world to be Christ’s representatives.  Like the tulip fields of the Skagit Valley, we are a vibrant, missional, and growing community of believers.   (Our church) is Evangelical but not exclusive; Biblical but not doctrinaire; Traditional but not rigid; and Congregational, but not independent.”

“This is a place to be real. Our mission is to passionately in love with Jesus and for the love of Jesus to dominate our region; creating an environment where people feel at home.  Transparency and Integrity is crucial to build healthy relationships. Come as you are, we believe it is essential to be you in order to attain fulfillment in the way God created you to be. It is a place where we love kids, and we believe they are the church.  This is a place where we value growth because we believe whatever is not growing is dying. This is a place to worship, we believe there is no greater encounter experience than with God. This is a place to be loved, a place to belong, and a place to begin.”

post your thoughts in the comments section…