How would you describe our church?

if you were to write a little “advertising” piece to grab attention, how would you describe the burlington urc (or any urc church)?  here are some snippets from other churches in our community (you’ll have to guess which ones they are from!)

“Our goal is to present timeless truths in a timely fashion. Our music – led by a full band – is lively, current, and worshipful. The teachings speak to us right where we live, revealing the eternal wisdom of the Bible in a format that’s easy
to understand and relate to our own situations.  You’ll find we have no esoteric formalities to follow, no
liturgical vocabulary to memorize, and no spiritual jargon to decipher.”

“At…you’ll find a refreshing blend of relevant teaching, contemporary worship, and casual atmosphere. Add to that a growing group of loving people and you’re going to like what you find. We especially welcome people who have given up on church in the past but are interested in giving a relationship with God another try.”

“We are a people Invited, Encouraged, and Sent.  Invited into deep relationship with God and others, encouraged through fellowship and the study of God’s Word, and sent into the community and world to be Christ’s representatives.  Like the tulip fields of the Skagit Valley, we are a vibrant, missional, and growing community of believers.   (Our church) is Evangelical but not exclusive; Biblical but not doctrinaire; Traditional but not rigid; and Congregational, but not independent.”

“This is a place to be real. Our mission is to passionately in love with Jesus and for the love of Jesus to dominate our region; creating an environment where people feel at home.  Transparency and Integrity is crucial to build healthy relationships. Come as you are, we believe it is essential to be you in order to attain fulfillment in the way God created you to be. It is a place where we love kids, and we believe they are the church.  This is a place where we value growth because we believe whatever is not growing is dying. This is a place to worship, we believe there is no greater encounter experience than with God. This is a place to be loved, a place to belong, and a place to begin.”

post your thoughts in the comments section…

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